AGC International, LLC:

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Nichols over the past several years, and I have been continually impressed by the growth and development of AGC Refining & Filtraion. AGC is an international leader in the manufacturing of green fluid management and recycling and products, and they are making a tremendous positive impact wherever they put down stakes. In particular, I was pleased in 2014 to help facilitate meetings between representatives of the Kazakhstan government and AGC that led to several new alternative energy technology developments in that nation. With their headquarters in my district, I am committed to helping AGC in their efforts to expand these sustainable technologies." -U.S. Congressman Billy Long

The Honorable Billy Long is the 7th District Missouri Congressman in the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States.
Congressman Long serves on the Committee of Energy and Commerce and the Subcommittee on Energy and Power.

ARR Re-Refining:

"Based on my experience with petroleum refining equipment and used lubricating oil re-refining equipment, the ARR process offers a simple, convenient, and unique process for used oil re-refining." -Dr. James Speight, Ph.D.

Dr. Speight is author and co-author of sixty-seven books related to lubricants, synthetic base oils, heavy oils, refining, re-refining and petroleum-specific environmental issues. Dr. Speight holds doctoral degrees in Petroleum Engineering, Geological Sciences, and Chemistry.
Dr. Speight is the recipient of gold medals from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientists without Borders, and the Einstein Award.

Dehydration and Filtration:

"Three years ago we purchased a Hoffman-Allen Model 160 Portable Oil Conditioner from your company for use in cleaning up transformer and circuit breaker insulating oils..... Practically all of the transformer oils were cleaned up without taking the transformer out of service..... We have found our purchase of this equipment to be a very good investment and look forward to many more years of service from this equipment." -H.V. Rathbun, Vice President - Transmission and Distribution

Yes we've been doing this a long time! This testimonial was written by the Vice President of Western Light and Telephone Company, Inc. founded in 1908 and refers to our 1957 model Allen Oil Conditioner (AOC). Western Light and Telephone Company, Inc. became a partner in the world's first cellular phone company and now is part of the Sprint Corporation. Read More