Power Generation

The global standard of living and population is increasing and putting unprecedented demands on power generation. The global lubricant demand was 36.66 million tons in 2014 and is steadily growing to a projected 43.87 million tons by 2022, largely due to the accelerated increase in demand for power utility services. Power plants have many systems requiring lubricants, from generator and gear oil to transformer oil, and the costs to maintain and upgrading generation equipment, grid and transmission infrastructure are increasing exponentially. AGC's equipment will purify used lubricants and transformer oil used in the power sector to new, virgin-quality thereby significantly reducing regular expenditures on replacement lubricants and hazardous waste disposal.

Power plants must keep their equipment in the best possible condition, to meet the demands of the power grid that they supply. Normal operation generates high volumes of waste oil. Waste oil is disposed of in various ways, the predominant one being incineration in industrial furnaces, and specially designed boilers. Incineration is least favored due to its adverse environmental impact. AGC's patented systems will purify transformer oil both in-line or offline, purify power plant lubricants, or recover clean base oil from mixed waste oil providing the ability to free up cash flow otherwise being used for replacement lubricants, costly hazardous waste disposal, and loss of life span of transformers and power generating equipment.

Our recovery systems utilize the AGC Oil Conditioner (AOC) as a means of purifying used lubricants. AGC Oil Conditioner also returns transformer oil to a dialectric state higher than when purchased new all while continuing transformer or substation usage during the process. Our power sector equipment can either be stationary, in-plant portable, or over-the-road portable. The AOC uses vacuum distillation, thermal heat, and particulate filtration to purify these oils by removing solid particulates down to 5ppm to meet ISO 14/13/10 and removing 100% of dissolved and entrained gases and water content down to 5 wppm. The AOC restores the flashpoint and the viscosity of transformer oil to as-new or better conditions.

AGC's systems help the power industry reduce the amount of purchased oils that they consume per unit time. AGC custom purification systems allow the industry to continue to rejuvenate and reuse oils such as transformer, turbine, hydraulic, insulating, and compressor oils.

Previous industrial assessments on global clients like your operations have proven that most of our solutions have a 3-18 month return on investment. In a time when efficiency is paramount to any organization, the benefits to be gained from purifying lubricants reduces, or eliminates, a reoccurring expense off the income statement from both inbound lubricants and insulating oils, outbound waste, and maintenance costs. The balance sheet is also improved by extending the life-span of transformers and other capital equipment.