Modular Re-Refining

AGC Refining & Filtration, LLC developed an innovative and proprietary base oil recovery system to re-refine oil wastes — typically used crankcase oils, used lubricants, or marine slops. We recover water, solvents, light ends, base oils and asphalt enhancers, with the mass balance depending on the feedstock.

Our Patented ARR Re-Refining system and process is able to capture precise cuts of fuels and base oils. If contained in the feedstock, we are able to capture virgin-quality fuels and API Group I, Group II, Group II+, and Group III base oils. Heavy metals are isolated to the residual bottoms, which can be monetized as a high-quality additive for asphalts.

The ARR Re-Refining system is an entirely closed system – no process atmospheric emissions are released in the re-refining process. No process chemicals are used in our low-pressure, low temperature process. Feedstocks can be mixed, with no need to separate oil wastes from each other. The light ends recovered can power the heating system for the plant reducing heating costs to zero and sell the excess as high quality fuel.

The ARR Re-Refining system presents customers with a minimum of three points of monetization: sale of light ends, base oils and an asphalt additive. The footprint for a system to re-refine up to 35,000 metric tons per year is about the size of a tennis court. Its modular design provides an innovative way to increase volume, increase the number of constituent components extracted, and even relocation of the system for minimal cost.

Typical ARR Design:

Typical ARR Layout:

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