Large mining equipment such as excavators, front end loaders and other earth moving vehicles are heavily dependent on lubricants to facilitate the smooth operation of their many moving parts such as booms and buckets. Lubrication and hydraulic oils are a large part of the mining process and equipment maintenance. AGC International helps with management and reclamation of diesel fuels and oils, while providing ease and efficiency in the recovery of waste streams. With a projected increase in global lubricant usage from 2014-2022 from 36.36 million tons, industrial lubricant usage is expected to increase as manufacturing demands increase.

As with all industries, waste oil is an output of industrial vehicle and machine maintenance. While advances in technology has expanded the time span in between lube replacement, operations still do not optimize the valuable waste oil that they own, and treat it as a waste to be disposed of.  A lube oil purification or waste oil re-refining system will enable customers to retain the value of their oil fluids and reduce costs over the long term.   

AGC International is a world leader in the lubricant oil purification. With our patented systems, recovery of waste oil is now becoming an industrial normal. Our recovery systems utilize the AGC Oil Conditioner as a means of purifying used lubricants. AGC Oil Conditioner (AOC) is used to dehydrate, degasify, and purify insulating, lubricating, hydraulic, mineral, and synthetic oils that are used all over the world. The AOC uses vacuum, heat, and particulate filtration to purify these oils by removing solid particulates down to ISO 14/13/10, and removing 100% of dissolved and entrained gases and water down to 5 wppm. The AOC restores the flashpoint and the viscosity of the oil to as-new or better conditions.

Previous industrial assessments on global clients like your operations have proven that most of our solutions have a 3-18 month return on investment. This outcome is favorable, since many major assets in large organizations have returns on investment that exceed this time frame. In a time when efficiency is paramount to any organization,and purifying lubricant oils for reuse are easy cost-cutting measures large operations to implement. Removing waste disposal costs, and nearly indefinitely using existing lubricants as opposed to regular virgin lubricant replacement, our solutions are the ideal way to cut costs in two ways at once.