Custom Filtration Equipment


AGC Bulk Filtration Vessel

ATB Series

The AGC Bulk Filtration Vessel (ATB) is designed for efficiency and ease of operation, especially suited for extremely large quantities of distilled lube oil. Configurations come in a single vessel up to ten or more. A variety of media can be used, depending upon desired outcome (i.e. reduce acid, deodorize, de-sulfur, and/or de-color). Get full description.

AGC Filter Vessel

afm (2) AFM Series
The AGC Filter Vessel (AFM) is designed in an array of types and sizes to meet the specific needs of your situation. The AFM comes in duplex or simplex models and can use most filter elements available. These units can be equipped with band heaters that can quickly heat a fluid stream up to 250F (121C).
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AGC Oil Conditioner

AGC Oil Conditioner AOC Series
Industrial oil deteriorates over time due to solid particles from the machinery, absorption of moisture from the atmosphere or from condensation, and from contamination of hydrocarbon gases. The AGC Oil Conditioner (AOC) patented design will purify a variety of industrial oils and prolong its useful life almost indefinitely. The AOC will remove all solid particles down to 5-micron, waterdown 5 ppm or less, and all emulsified and entrained hydrocarbon gases. Get full description.

AGC Hydroscav Oil Purifier

AHS AHS Series
The self-contained AGC Hydroscav Oil Purifier system (AHS) uses filtration, thermal dehydration, and patented air stripping technology to remove solids and moisture from almost all types of oil. This patented design will remove all solid particles down to 5-micron, water down 50 ppm or less and hydrocarbon gases through C9. With a compact design, AGC Hydroscav Oil Purifiers allow for easy installation and accessibility of components for servicing. Get full description.

AGC Tap Changer Filter

Allen Tap Changer Filter System ATF Series
The AGC Tap Changer Filter system (ATF) provides optimal conditions for
oil-filled transformer tap changers used in a variety of circumstances all over
the world. The ATF increases reliability and service life of the tap changer as
well as reduces the overall cost of the maintenance program. Get full description.

AGC Continuous Filter System

ACF_edited ACF Series
The AGC Continuous Filter system (ACF) is designed and crafted to provide reliable continuous filtration and purification by removing numerous contaminants from all types of fluids, passing the fluid through a high-grade filter at full flow. Get full description.

AGC Portable Filter System

AGC Portable Filter Vessel AVP Series
In-plant filtration of all types of oils and industrial fluids can be a literal lifesaver for your expensive equipment. In fact, routine fluid maintenance is one of the most inexpensive, yet effective, procedures you can perform in extending the life of your machinery and avoiding costly breakdowns. In addition, you reduce the ever increasing expense of purchasing new fluids. Get full description.

AGC Strainer Vessel

afi_asv ASV Series
The AGC Strainer Vessel (ASV) is designed for efficiency and ease of operation, especially suited for very high flow rates where other filter elements would disintegrate. Our strainer vessels will remove large particulates down to 110 mesh and never need replaced. Get full description.

AGC Coalescer-Separator

Allen Coalescer-Separator ACS Series
The AGC Coalescer-Separator System (ACS) removes free and emulsified water down to the saturation level. The type of oil used, the kinds of additives in the oil, and the temperature of the oil determines the saturation level. For a typical ISO 32 turbine light oil at 100 F, the saturation level is approximately 150 ppm. The complete Coalescer-Separator system consists of a pre-filter vessel, a coalescer-separator vessel, and an optional final filter. Get full description.