Allen Polypropylene Filter Element

afi-productbrief-polypropyleneThe Polypropylene Solids Filter Element (PP) is a stacked disk filter element designed for high temperature filtration and purification needs. The PP filter element is used for transformer, electro-hydraulic, lubrication, and vegetable oils, transmission fluid, and waste/water filtration.

Outside Diameter 7 in (17.8 cm)
Inside Diameter 2.5 in (6.4 cm)
Length 18 in (45.7 cm)
Weight 9.25 lb (4.20 kg)
Replacement Pressure 35 psi (241,316.5 Pa)

Transformer Oil
Electro-Hydraulic Oil
Lubrication Oil
Transmission Fluid
Vegetable Oil
Water & Waste Water Filtration

High Temperature SolidsFiltration