Allen Fullers Earth Filter Element

Allen Fullers Earth Filter ElementThe Allen Fullers Earth Filter Element (FE) uses the inherent properties found in the palygorskite family of clays (fullers earth) to adsorb acids and remove color from oils. Fullers Earth Filter Elements are the perfect solution for purification of transformer oil, electro-hydraulic oil, lubrication oil, transmission oil, and vegetable oil. They can also be used in wine filtration and purification.

Outside Diameter 7 or 11 in (17.8 or 27.9 cm)
Inside Diameter 2.5 in (6.4 cm)
Length 18 or 22 in (45.7 or 55.9 cm)
Weight 18.25 lb (8.3 kg)
Replacement Pressure 35 psi (241,316.5 Pa)
Transformer Oil
Electro-Hydraulic Oil
Lubrication Oil
Transmission Fluid
Vegetable Oil
Wine Filtration

Adsorbs Acids
Removes Color